Your One-Stop Guide to All Things Yacht Week East Africa

Updated: May 29, 2020

Photo: Yacht Week East Africa Instagram Page

If you’ve heard of Yacht Week Europe, don’t make the mistake of assuming that Yacht Week East Africa is just like it, only in a different locale. Yes, there are yachts, parties, ever-flowing drinks and beautiful vistas at every turn, but Yacht Week East Africa offers a cultural element above and beyond this. Yacht Week East Africa focuses on the African and black experience and specifically caters to black travelers, with events several times per year in different locations around the African continent.

In 2020, you can find Yacht Week East Africa sailings in Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya and the Seychelles, launching in June, September, October and December. Each experience gives you the chance to see a beautiful part of Africa, while sailing on a luxurious yacht outfitted with all the amenities you could ever need, alongside stylish people just like you.

Getting There

For each Yacht Week East Africa sailing, you’ll be responsible for getting yourself to the first meeting point, usually a hotel in a city conveniently close to the water. Regardless of which itinerary you choose, you can easily get to your starting point from the United States via a range of international airlines. Just be prepared for likely several layovers and to switch carriers a few times. For example, if you were flying to Nairobi for the Kenya itinerary and departing from Chicago, you might find that it actually takes several days to get to Nairobi, due to all the layovers, so you’ll want to plan that into your travel time.

However, don’t let those layovers go to waste! Use your time in a city to explore; one flight itinerary between Chicago and Nairobi gives you 17 hours in Frankfurt, while one between Miami and Nairobi gives you 23 hours in Zurich. It’s the perfect opportunity to add another stamp to your passport!

When to Start Planning

Photo: Yacht Week East Africa Instagram Page

Yacht Week East Africa is already selling tickets for its 2021 itineraries, so you’ll want to go ahead and start planning for your 2020 trip now. When booking your trip on the Yacht Week East Africa website, you’ll be required to make a $500 deposit on your trip at the time of reservation. Afterward, there will be six monthly auto-payments for the remainder of your balance. Since the events are rather far away, if you do need to cancel, you can do so up to 120 days before the event and receive a partial refund, or you can transfer your reservation to another traveler.

As noted, you’ll want to book your flight once you know for sure you’re going to be attending a Yacht Week East Africa event. Other items you’ll want to pay for that are not included in your stay include groceries, optional excursions and your travel and international health insurance (as well as visa costs, if needed).

Where to Stay

Don’t worry about where to stay when attending a Yacht Week East Africa event. They’ve got you covered as far as accommodations go, the entire time you’re with them. Your accommodations will range between on-board yacht accommodations and hotel accommodations, at luxury properties in desirable locales.

Appropriate Attire

Photo: Yacht Week East Africa Instagram Page

You’re on a yacht, after all, so break out the swimsuit! This is no backyard barbecue pool party, though, so make sure your swimsuit and all your accessories are photo-worthy — there are bound to be plenty of Instagram shots and you’ll want to look your most fabulous. Make sure to pack plenty of party clothes as well, as, while your days are spent in the sun, your nights will be spent enjoying amazing Yacht Week East Africa-hosted soirees.

What to Expect

Expect lots of luxury, time to see your destination of choice and the companionship of other globetrotters with a flair for the extravagant — and, since Yacht Week East Africa was created by someone who actually lives in East Africa, you can be assured they know the best local luxuries money can by.

Photo: Yacht Week East Africa Instagram Page

You’ll have a roommate aboard your yacht, but you can feel free to bring along your own roommate, if you have a friend who’s considering attending as well. Itineraries include plenty of time to lounge on the beach or enjoy water sports, welcome dinners and after parties, shopping, sailing, sightseeing, photo shoots and more. For those who like to get a little active when they visit a new destination, chances to see the natural habitats, wildlife and more are available. From the time you arrive at the airport until the time you leave, you’ll be treated like a VIP, with all the amenities you could need covered, from airport transfers to swag bags, yacht catering to gratuities.