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Updated: May 29, 2020

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As a Travel Vlogger, I have a blog Adventures Of Will I started my blog because I wanted to show people how to travel on a budget to hidden gems off the beaten path and I wanted Black people to get back to nature.

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What are the three locations you'd like to visit with future bae?

Although I prefer traveling solo, my dream trip with ma bae would include Maldives, Greece, Australia. When solo traveling I usually tend to go to places that people have never heard of. I love staying in DOPE Airbnbs and upscale hostels like (

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How I made them feel.

His story

One of my favorite and most interesting places that I visited in the last year was Hidalgo Mexico. Hidalgo is situated north of Mexico City in the mountains and the place we visited is called Grutas de Tolantongo. The grutas is a natural river that's heated by volcanoes and the water stays around 80+ degrees year-round, with a beautiful blue river, mountains all around, camping, nature hikes, ziplining, caves, and waterfalls you name it, it’s here at the grutas. Most locals that live in Mexico have never been here so it’s off the beaten path. What makes this story interesting at Grutas de tolantongo, is that to travel here you have to take either a bus ride that lasts about 3hrs or you can take an Uber for about 2 hours, Uber is it going to cost you about $75-$100 each way. The bus is relatively inexpensive, so I’d suggest that anyone traveling here use the bus option. I visited Hidalgo with my friend from Mexico City and we were having so much fun mingling with the locals, drink local beer and swimming in the river we forgot to keep track of time. It started to get dark on us around 8:30 P.M. and we both looked at each other and we're like, “Oh, SH*T!”I think we are stuck in the mountains in Mexico City. See, at the grutas there are hotel rooms that you can rent nightly, but we were visiting on the weekend and they were all booked.

We realized we were stuck So, what did we do? We began to walk up the mountains with our thumbs up to hitchhike a ride back. After about 10 failed attempts of hailing a ride a guy stopped with his girlfriend in a Honda Civic to pick us up. They were friendly and they agreed to take us to the next town so we can catch a bus and get back to Mexico City. We entered the car and about 15 minutes into the ride, I began to look at my friend Tim with worry. The car begins to rattle and shake as we ventured higher up the mountain. It instantly reminded me of my high school days of driving my Pontiac Grand A.M. and it overheating. The shaking from the car was his radiator overheating. Minutes later we heard a loud boom and I instantly knew something wasn’t right. The driver assured us not to worry and he hopped out and popped the trunk to retrieve a jug of water. In my mind, I was thinking, “This must happen to him quite often.” After placing water in the radiator and waiting for about 20-30 minutes we were back on the road heading towards the nearest city. We found a hotel that night in the city called San Cristobal. This was another interesting situation because these are no actual hotels, but people’s homes. We had to go and knock on several doors asking if they have any rooms available for that night. We found one available room and we woke up the next morning around 10:00 a.m. And caught the bus back to Mexico City. This entire 48 hours was the most interesting and adventurous trip in the last year.

His recommendations

Where to stay: Staying in Mexico City would be the best option. If you want to do it cheap I would suggest to book a room at Selina Hostels (Private Room) If you are booking an Airbnb, find one in Claveria a beautiful neighborhood in Mexico City that is walkable and it also has a lot of restaurants nearby.

Where to eat: Forever Vegano - Delish food and the atmosphere is cozy. I would also recommend Vegamo MX. Mexico City has a lot of vegan options and I am always finding new places to eat when I visit. When you are at the Grutas the food options are pretty slim, so I would stop by a local grocery store to get veggies, rice, beans and other items I can cook while I'm there.

What to do: My favorite places to see is the Frida Kahlo Museum and Zocalo. Zocalo has roots to the Aztecs & is now the site of frequent cultural events. Also, visit Zona Arqueológica de Cholula for its history and artifacts.

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