The Jesstination on Packing Up and Leaving it All Behind

Updated: May 29, 2020

Have you ever wanted to pack up everything and leave? Meet the girl who sold her house, quit her job, and left it all behind.

On this week’s podcast, business entrepreneur, Carlyn Crawley chats with The Femotourage’s first international guest – Jessica Stanton. Jessica, an experienced expat and creator of TheJesstination, describes how she went from working as a medical assistant – making good money – to moving abroad, barely making ends meet but living her best life.

Jessica is no stranger to travel. She grew up in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, moved to Buford, South Carolina, and went to college in Charlotte, North Carolina – where she built a successful life. She started in the healthcare field, as a medical assistant, after opting out of going to medical school to become a pediatrician.

At the young age of 21, Jessica's life was stable. Her responsibilities grew daily, leaving little to no time to “run the streets,” she jokes.

While people her age were going to parties and figuring out their next move – Jessica was purchasing her first home. Even with all this, she explains how she felt unsatisfied. Jessica received a blessing in disguise when her company merged and discontinued her role, ultimately leaving her without a job.

During this time, Jessica discovered another passion – hair and beauty. She enrolled in cosmetology school, received her license, and nestled in the only salon specializing in natural hair. After growing a large YouTube following and doing hair for six years, Jessica realized this wasn’t the freedom she was looking for. She tells how a chance encounter with a client sparked a conversation about moving abroad, changing her life for the better.

Jessica explains her thought process in leaving it all behind to teach in Colombia, even though she didn’t speak the language and had zero teaching experience. With what seemed like an absurd idea to those around her, Jessica quit her job, sold all her things, broke up with her boyfriend, and sold her house to embark on a new journey. She elaborates on the shocking living situation in Colombia, “winging it” as a teacher, surviving on only $500 a month, and how her six-month assignment turned into a year!

Jessica’s played many roles in her life and credits them all to helping her get to where she is. Find out how she ended up living in China, deals with culture-shock and receiving many stares, and what keeps her pushing when she feels like giving up.

On today’s podcast, and exclusively on The Femtourage, Jessica reveals everything. From “having it all” to “having it all her way”, this episode will remind you to always chase your dreams.

“Don’t worry about the what-ifs. Just go for it,” Jessica boldly declares.


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