Tweet it Into Existence: Founder of Black Girls Who Blog speaks on going from hashtag to brand

Updated: May 29, 2020

The Femtourage proudly presents Morgan Pitts. If the name doesn’t instantly strike a bell, the hashtag she mistakenly created will -- #BlackGirlsWhoBlog. Tune in as, The Femtourage’s creator, Carlyn dives deep into this unplanned movement and more about its creator.

Morgan Pitts grew up in a predominantly African-American community. She recalls being surrounded by people who looked like her, but something was different. Much to her shock, Morgan later realized she was in a fortunate situation. Instead of the stereotypical neighborhood that black communities get associated with, Morgan grew up surrounded by successful African- Americans.

With her mom, dad, and brother by her side, Morgan describes a normal childhood. She enjoyed her time as a kid and went on to have a successful high school career. Despite not getting into the top colleges of her choice, she persevered and went to a college closer to home. Morgan did well at her university -- secured a good-paying internship, discovered a new passion in marketing, and eventually graduated.

However, after college, Morgan faced what many would think of as defeat when she was unemployed for a year and a half. Thanks to a shift in perspective, Morgan credits this break from working as the reason for her hashtag breakthrough.

Morgan, an eCommerce sales specialist at a luxury fashion brand, explains how her lighthearted, tweeted words turned into a social phenomenon. Although she wasn’t initially into blogs, Morgan was a strong writer and found that blogging came naturally to her. She tells how a request from a friend led to her creating her own blog and later a community for underrepresented bloggers of color.

Thanks to a hashtagged tweet and illustration design, Morgan was now the creator of a movement supported by hundreds of black bloggers -- who were happy to be recognized finally. Morgan informs us of the success she’s seen with #BlackGirlsWhoBlog; the brand has grown to 109k followers on Instagram and has branched out to selling apparel. She also dishes out why she’s not willing to sacrifice the brand’s image for monetary gain, and why she thinks diversity is still an issue in society.

Morgan leaves us with advice for women of color who want to get into blogging, encouraging them to “do it for you.”

And even as the Creator-In-Chief of a wildly popular brand, Morgan reveals that her dream job is something that most people would look down on.

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