Faith. Failure. Fearlessness.

Updated: May 29, 2020

Tough times don’t last, tough people do. That’s what Marlisa Goldsmith, Emmy-winning news anchor, was reminded of when she had to overcome doubt, dead-end jobs and death. 

Her story, told to Carlyn on The Femtourage’s Podcast, is one of faith, failure and fearlessness. Her positivity and light shined through this episode and it will fill you with encouragement. Keep reading to hear Marlisa’s testimony.

Before her career as a news anchor, Marlisa had her hearts set on being a psychologist. She jokes that you couldn’t tell her otherwise. But when she struggled to pass her exams, Marlisa questioned if she was in the right field. How on earth would she pass her board-certified exams if she needed extra credit and frequent visits to the professor to pass in college? 

Marlisa always had an interest in the communications field, so it seemed like a no-brainer to turn her minor in communications into her new major. Since the communications field was so expansive, Marlisa wasn’t sure where she would end up but knew she had plenty of options. During an internship under Big Tigger, Marlisa grew interested in radio. But that wouldn’t last long.

While Marlisa was planning her next move, she got acquainted with a co-worker who persuaded her to consider TV. With Marlisa’s voice and the looks to match, the woman thought a career in TV would be perfect. Marlisa wasn’t convinced until she landed an internship covering sports at a local TV station.

Ignited with a new passion and equipped with the tools to chase her dream, Marlisa made it known her desire to be on TV. She was met with opposition, however. Marlisa recalls an older black woman telling her that she couldn’t be on screen. Little did the woman know, not only was she wrong, but she fueled Marlisa’s fire.

Marlisa’s journey to award-winning news anchor was not built for the weak. She details how she went on numerous interviews and received numerous rejections. (At one point, she couldn’t even pass a test on current world events because she didn’t have cable.) 

Marlisa wasn’t deterred. She was finally able to find a job in Abilene, Texas, where the news came in at a slow pace. Albeit she was bored, Marlisa used this time to grow in her craft – without distractions (which is code for men).

Before the ink was dried on her contract, Marlisa found herself yearning for more growth. With consent from her boss and four months left in her work commitment, Marlisa packed up and began work in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was here where Marlisa’s life would change forever.

Amazing career growth, the introduction to her future husband and the unprepared-for death of Marlisa’s father would all happen while she was still trying to figure out her life. Had it not been for her unwavering faith in God and absolute trust in him, Marlisa admits that she would have gone crazy. She explains what happened when she stopped praying selfishly and started praying mindfully. 

What transcended from a trying time in her life was Marlisa’s new ability to say no. She details how she was able to reexamine her priorities and keep God and her family first. With that in mind, Marlisa said “bye” to Arkansas and questioned remaining in TV as a news anchor.

But God already orchestrated her move and had a job lined up for Marlisa, only four hours away from her family. (Don’t worry, the boyfriend came down to visit and made an honest woman out of Marlisa!)

Since then, Marlisa has won an Emmy (which she didn’t attend the ceremony for), received another Emmy nomination, got married, and been in consecutive seasons of winning. She hopes to start a family and continue to grow in her profession.


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