Travel Crushes featuring Justin H. Jemerson

Updated: May 29, 2020

Homebase: Los Angeles, California

What do you do?

I own a production company called Lear Digital Media. It was created due to the fact there weren’t many black-owned production companies in LA. As a Freelance Filmmaker and Photographer, I make my own schedule to make more room for travel.

What's your current relationship status?


What are three locations you'd like to visit with future bae?

In the future, I would like to visit Tanzania, Namibia, Cappadocia with my partner...of course with only one condition. To spend the least possible amount of time in the hotel!

If people only remembered you for one thing, what would you want it be?

Having a good fucking time!!!

His Story from Phuket

Most of the reason why I travel is to eat! After a crazy night in Bangla Road, I was headed back to my hostel, and I literally stumbled my way into the best restaurant in Patong - No 6. Restaurant. The whole front of the restaurant is open with picnic-style seating. They bring you hella food, everything fresh and super cheap! The best thing on the menu is the pineapple fried rice brought out in a pineapple and barbecue wings. If you are ever in the Patong area of Phuket, make sure you hit up No 6.

His Recommendations

Where to stay: Phuket is huge but the most poppin part is Patong Beach. I’ve stayed in hostels, hotels, and resorts in Patong and they all have been good to go.

What to eat: The No. 6 and get you some of the street food especially that bomb fried chicken And some boat noodle soup they sell from the scooters.

What to do: The best activity is going to the elephant sanctuary. They have rescued around 13 elephants that you get to feed, swim with and bath. Dope experience.


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