From Broke and Busy to Blessed and Booked

Leaving the security of a 9 to 5 job doesn't sound so bad when you plan on entering business with your mom. I mean... what could possibly go wrong?  

Meet Yodit Gebreyes Endale. She's the restaurateur who now runs a successful event planning and designing business. But before the success, there was a failed business plan with her mom, her rising in a male-dominated field, and finally, her learning to add value to herself to get them coins. Here's what she told Carlyn on her featured podcast story


Yodit Gebreyes Endale is a first-generation Ethiopian woman. Her parents immigrated in the late 60s. She recalls having a strong connection to her Ethiopian culture, which tied into her education, religion, weddings, and family events. Remember this because it shapes how she gets into her career. 

While in high school, Yodit took a serious interest in marketing. She carried this interest with her into college. Her natural talent in passing out flyers and connecting with students, to promote her university's events, grabbed the attention of a night club promoter who offered her a job. Once she heard money, she was in. "$1 per name," thought Yodit, "should be easy." 

Yodit was a beast at club promoting. She soon gained the respect of her male counterparts as a serious businesswoman once they saw how many people she brought out. After graduation, Yodit found herself at a well-paying corporate job but being pulled away to start her own business....or a joint business venture with her mom. 

Yodit remembered how good her mom's cooking was, and how it's been her dream to open up a restaurant. So, Yodit's idea of starting a food truck business with her mom was created. She hurried to give her job one month's notice. 

A week before the food truck business launched, while Yodi was securing the truck, getting graphics made, and collecting her last check – her mom backed out because of a dream. Yes, a dream. (You're probably pissed, Yodit was pissed, but...) It was at that moment in which Yodi had to fall forward and figure out her next move.


After a conversation with her then-boyfriend about doing corporate events and the request of a friend who asked Yodit to help her plan an Ethiopian wedding –Yodit's company was birthed. Within a week, Yodi had a logo and her LLC. She took every event planning job that came her way. It left her with lots of experience but not enough money.

You have to tune in to hear how she went from overbooked, busy and broke to paid, blessed and busy. 

Through some trials and errors as an entrepreneur, Yodit learned that if your clients understand your value, they will be willing to pay you. And you can take that first-hand from the woman dealing with $100,000 in wedding budgets! 

But this is just the beginning. Yodit has plans to grow both her family and her business. She admits to putting off motherhood for some time to watch her company, which she considers her baby, grow. 

Yodit's career journey, and the leap of faith, is one that can inspire any girl-boss trying to make it. For the entrepreneurial ladies scared to fully chases their dreams, Yodit leaves us with this advice,

" Work for it. Stay humble. Be kind." 

Keep up with Yodit, recipient of Editor's Top Pick for best planners from Washingtonian Wedding, by visiting her business’ website. You can also connect on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


Shanice G. Richardson is a published, freelance digital content writer with over four years of marketing experience. She's skilled in creating impactful, engaging stories that connect readers to popular brands and the people who run them.