In the Moment: Flights with Feeling featuring Dorcas Wilson

Updated: May 29, 2020

While traveling in Thailand we had a chance to visit the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. Of course, we came during the rainy season in June. So it was a torrential downpour of rain. My friends and I went out and feed the elephants watermelon, which they loved. We went into the water pit to bathe the elephants and I was stepping on mud or what we thought was mud but, who cares. We let go of all our thoughts and just enjoyed the moment, which is so important for a vacation. Living in the moment and enjoying nature and everything around us...

Best of the City

Where to Stay: I stayed at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Phuket in the Kamala Beach area.

Where to Eat: I have irritable bowel syndrome and have an ultra-sensitive stomach. So it was important for me to start my day off with fruit and warm tea. I was able to eat local fruits on the street as well as mango rice and fresh chicken and fish. I told everyone to make sure it was not spicy and they did a wonderful job accommodating my needs.

What to do: I loved all the experiences, Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, a beautiful view at Windmill Viewpoint, Phuket Big Buddah was beautiful as well. I also enjoyed traveling over to Phi Phi Island and exploring the beach.


What are Dorcas' recommendations about this city? Well, she was left fascinated and she thinks that Phuket is an excellent option for solo trips, girls trips, and of course for baecations - she rated the city with 5 out of 5. For family trips, she rates it with a 4 out of 5. But hey that is still a hell of a review, so don't hesitate!


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