Who cares? Work harder. From crashing fashion shows to CEO of a Fashion Empire

Updated: May 29, 2020

“Who cares? Work harder.” is what Claire Sulmers, Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Bomb Daily, says.

In this featured interview, led by business entrepreneur Carlyn Crawley, Claire lets us in on her humble beginnings, which helped spark her love for fashion. Claire’s grandfather, a well-known tailor in the Bahamas, used to make suits for men. Her mother was also a seamstress, often tailoring clothes for Claire because of her curvier shape. Ever since Claire could remember she’s been passionate about fashion, recalling entries in journals she had since she was nine.

As Claire got older and more infatuated with fashion, she knew she had to find a way to turn her passion into profits – as most creatives yearn to do. By figuring out what she wanted to contribute to the culture – a piece of advice that was given to her – Fashion Bomb Daily was created. It came at a time where black designers, models, and influencers didn’t have a seat at the table.

“Fashion Bomb Daily created a new table, where everyone can come and eat” says Claire.

She wasn’t an overnight success, however. Claire explains the sacrifices she had to make in friendships and relationships -- reflecting how most of her friends are married and have kids. A route she admits some people may not be willing to take to make their dreams come true.

The multi-media mogul encourages you to have faith through fear, which she can attest to. Claire moved to Paris and her biggest fear came true – having nowhere to live. It forced her to sleep in a tub – an experience she goes into detail about in her book The Bomb Life. Her advice for anyone wanting to enter the fashion world but has some fears is, “Fear is in your mind. Fear is not real.” She says just go for it. This is coming from the woman who risked it all when she snuck into a Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show! This encounter led to her emailing Anna Wintour directly.

The Head-Bombshell-In Charge disclosed when she knew she made it, what she said to get an email back from Anna Wintour, and her hopes for her legacy. You can find the full interview here.


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