Meet Travepreneur, D. Carrie

Updated: May 29, 2020

Meet D

I've always had some creative outlet (from blogging, to youtube now to the podcast) while holding a full-time job to fund these here dreams. I've been running my mouth across the internet for a few years now, and about a year ago I transitioned to podcasting. A friend of mine wanted to expand his production network and I'd been playing with the idea of a podcast for a while. So, I just jumped in. The biggest challenge so far was just beginning without knowing how it would turn out.

Her Story

I feel like an enhanced version of myself when I'm traveling. The excitement and joy in learning new things are tenfold because I get to experience it all hands-on. New experiences, new feelings, adventures all of it excites me and fulfills me like nothing I've ever felt before. So, I keep traveling.

Travel N Sh!t holds space for me and my guests to inform and inspire other people of color to get out and grow through travel. We discuss more of the "what was learned" than the "how I did it" of travel. We get into our opinions, feelings, experiences, and expectations on not just travel-related topics but everyday concepts. We touch on race, sex, religion, politics, gender norms (any and everything, basically) and how they’re experienced through our travels abroad, home and everywhere in between.

Keys to success: Consistency, trust & passion.

Advice that Inspired Her

I don't know if it's exactly the best advice, but I tend to reflect most on "do the work." I don't remember where I first heard it, or who finally said it in a way that resonated, but after hearing it over and over, it eventually clicked. I enjoy what I'm doing and I see myself consistently getting better because I just keep going. I make mistakes, but I push through and apply the lessons to the next round.

My advice:

Try and identify exactly what about it scares you, and pick it apart. Consider all the other things you do in life when you may be afraid to and look at all the things you aren't afraid of, that other people are afraid of. I've found that closely examining things that scare me often strips away juuuust enough fear that I can step out on the skinny branch. Except with spiders. Fuck spiders. You're likely to grow from the experience even if it doesn't turn out how you envisioned it; go for it.


I've found that people always wonder what I do that I have so much time off, or if I work at all. I have a state job with a shit ton of vacation. That's it. I want people to understand that I'm not THAT unique. I don't have kids, and I have a rent-controlled apartment. Outside of those luxuries, I work and pay my own bills as you do.

Her Impact on the World

I want black and brown people to see that if I can, they can. We all get to go. I want us to see the world and learn from it all it has to teach us. We belong in every room, in every city, and in every country. We get to exist and be in these spaces, learn from those who hold them and share with them all of what we are.

Her Favorite Adventures

Bermuda was the first place I went outside the country. It was actually an accident. Long of the short, I showed up the day after I booked the trip with nothing planned and figured it out along the way. I never looked back from there.

Cartagena, Colombia. I've never felt so cherished, safe and comfortable being a black woman as I did here. I loved experiencing the diaspora here, learned a lot and just had a great ass black ass time. So far, I’d say I believe every black woman should experience Cartagena, Colombia. Like I said prior, I've never felt so cherished, safe and comfortable being a black woman as I did here.


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