7 Ways to Stay Bad and Boughie on Coronacation

Updated: May 29, 2020

Corona has us all looking unkempt and crazy. At the beginning of my quarantine, I was in the house looking like James Brown’s mugshot and yet the unscheduled Facetimes and unsolicited "Houseparties" wouldn’t stop. My house was amazingly clean and all my little touches of luxury were really paying off. I’m talking about luxury that is tangible and casual; things that add a nice touch but aren’t pretentious. With everything so up in the air, you want luxury and selfcare but I'm sure we are all trying to spend reasonably as well ... unless that stimulus check hit and you have money to blow. Anyway, this article is dedicated to all my boughie/boughie-adjacent girls who want to stay bad on a budget.

Get a bidet attachment

Everyone in my life thought I was extra when I bought a Hello Tushy bidet attachment but now that we can’t find toilet paper my investment is really paying off. Not only is the bidet attachment a green option, it is easy to install and adds an element of casual luxury to your bathroom. You can also find options on Amazon with more diverse pricing.

Elevate your shower experience

I’ve said this 1,000 times in the past month… putting eucalyptus and candles in my shower makes me feel wealthy AF - bring the spa to your house sis. I order bouquets from Eucalyptus Farms every month. They are only $12, delivered straight to your house, and keep their scent for months! I have mine in two vases but if you don’t have space for that, you can hang eucalyptus behind your shower head to fill your shower with a light aromatic fragrance. If you want to take your boughie up from Regine to Hillary Banks, you can also try a shower mist from European Spa Source. I found these in the shower at a spa and won’t live without them again. Finally, if you’re ready to be promoted to full on Whitley Gilbert, try these shower heads from VitaClean that filter your shower water AND infuse it with essential oils to give you softer skin. It also helps that they come in cute colors and modern prints.

Start your indoor garden

Being trapped in the house can also make the air feel a little stale. Make sure you open your windows once a week. Now is also the perfect time to get your plant mom on. In addition to huge bouquets of eucalyptus, I added a succulent and a Boston fern to my bathroom. I bought an English ivy for my nephew’s bedroom. The air smells cleaner, more crisp. Plus a glamorous planter and an over-sized plant like a majesty palm or bird of paradise makes any room feel more refined.

Perfect your skincare routine

I had a lil chat with my dermatologist and she told me I should be washing, toning, then moisturizing twice daily. She also said exfoliating and masking weekly would be a great help. Even though chemical peels are off the table during the Rona, you can still maintain that melanin. Rodan + Fields created so many options to enhance your skincare routine. I alternate between the Reverse Radiance & Unblemish Clarifying masks. I’m also a huge fan of the Microderm Abrasion Paste for weekly exfoliation and the pore cleansing tool literally sucks dirt out of my pores and makes them visibly smaller. I have oily/combo skin depending on the weather but for ladies with dry skin, you may try the Active Hydration Serum which stood out at the Best in Black Beauty awards.

Step it up on the lounge wear

Are you still wearing raggedy ass t-shirts and cheer shorts every day during quarantine? Stop it right now! When I transitioned to working from home full time last year, I “invested” in a disgusting amount of Savage x Fenty (support Black business) … I stand behind my decision though. The bodysuits, two piece sets, and robes make me feel completely comfortable and glamorous at the same dam time. There is nothing like a little satin or a flowing robe situation to remind you that you are fine AF. For affordable options, ASOS and my lil hood store, Shein, get it right. Let's all aim to keep up with our Hot Girl Coach, Meg who is still a 10 during quarantine.

Skip the paper towels for hand drying

The hand washing has been excessive lately so using up all the paper towels is not only horrible for the environment, but it’s costly and they are ugly to have in your bathroom. Get a marble tray and roll up a few reusable clothes on it. You can usually find these in packs of 6 for less than $5 at Target; choose white if you want to keep up the spa theme.

Bottled water is ghetto now

Put your Perrier in a wine glass with some cucumber, lime, and mint Sis. I like the Perrier slim cans but La Croix is a more affordable option that’s just as good. If sparkling water isn’t your thing, instead of drowning in a mountain of half full plastic bottles, consider a water filter with an infuser built in. You can drop lemon or berries in there for lightly flavored water. If you can get your hands on a gallon-sized one, challenge yourself to finish it by the end of the day so we can age like Auntie Angela Bassett.