Bae-Cation with No Bae

Updated: May 29, 2020

On the mic for this featured podcast is Alicia Arnold -- blogger, traveler, podcaster, and (in our opinion) comedian. In this interview, guaranteed to deliver non-stop laughs, Carlyn gets Alicia to dish it all -- starting with her work-life.

Despite working since 17 and knowing she always wanted to make money, there was a time Alicia remembers not being too sure of exactly what she wanted to do. This led to her taking on many different roles, like a sales associate at Apple, and feeling burned out before even turning 25. She explains how she finally got it right (for now), and stresses the importance of finding a mentor. She urges young adults to connect with people they like, more than with people whose job they want. She follows up by saying a connection made based on real interest will yield more significant results. This is advice she wishes she had while in school.

Alicia’s happy-go-lucky personality, so clearly displayed on the podcast, is why every teacher who came into contact with her knew she’d be “something.” Many just weren’t sure what that something would be, (Alicia didn’t know either). But, after letting go of all her fears and dealing with an anticipated breakup -- Alicia gained control of her destiny. Her baecation turned solo trip helped her discover herself and get comfortable with being by herself.

Alicia shares her wisdom in this interview; get insight on what Alicia believes makes our generation different from our parents’ and grandparents’. And she even tells us where she gets her inspiration from; it’s not exactly a person.

With so many priceless gems dropped in this podcast, it’s best to listen to it in its entirety. You’ll learn, laugh, and relate! But if you can’t tune in, we’ll share Alicia’s advice on what to do when fear keeps you back:

“Just do it.”

Easier said than done? Maybe. But definitely possible as Alicia Arnold -- successful blogger, traveler, and podcaster, shares with us. Listen here.


Keep up with Alicia as she continues to travel, write about her travel, and discuss exciting topics like Nude Etiquette. You can find her on her site, Twitter, and Instagram.


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