7 Instagram-Worthy Places in Australia for Women of Color

Updated: May 29, 2020

Australia is a very popular country to visit, and with good reason. It's natural beauty, rugged nature, and laid back locals make this place a welcoming adventure land. The list of things to do here are endless; the hard part is narrowing it down. Which is why we made this list of 7 rare places that aren't on everyone's itinerary.

We know exactly what you're looking for when you start planning where to go. Watching gator shows probably isn't your thing, but I'd wager that lounging on Australia's pristine beaches and petting adorable kangaroos definitely is.

For this list, we searched for places that aren't on TripAdvisor's top 10. As with any largely touristic country, there are sights that just get overdone. This time we're trying to keep you comfortable and out of those large sightseeing crowds while catering to your interests.

1. Take a Plane Ride Over Lake Hillier

The only way to view this mysterious lake is by air. It's located on an island that is inaccessible to tourists and used for research purposes only. That being said, scientists don't actually know why it's pink. There are plenty of theories, but still no answers.

However, we do know that it's safe to swim in, and is actually home to a variety of fish. But for now the closest you can get to it is from the inside of a cockpit.

2. Sunbathe on Whitehaven Beach

Located off the northeast coast of Australia, Whitsunday Island is home to one of the world's most pristine beaches. It's famous for it's rare soft sand, and since it's off the beaten path, the beach is quiet and clean. No dogs or cigarettes are allowed, which keeps it looking untouched.

What makes the sand so special is its geology. The grains are 98% silica which is what makes it as white as snow, and feels almost velvety in your hand. Most other beaches have sand that is made up of a variety of other minerals. Silica is special because it doesn't retain heat well, which means the sand won't burn you, even in the middle of summer!

It's literally the perfect place in Australia to go sunbathing. Take a dip in the clear blue waters and let all the stresses from back home melt away.

3. The Southern Spa

Head on over to Kangaroo Island (does it get more Australian than that?) for a once in a lifetime spa treatment. The materials they use come straight from the island: eucalyptus, lavender, native honey and hand-gathered sea salt.

What makes this place so unique are the practices that reflect ancient Aboriginal techniques. They focus on rebalancing your body's energy flow while massaging you with hand carved stones from the northwest of Australia. It's a bit pricey, but it's an experience you'll never forget. This is one of the best places to truly treat yourself in Australia.

4. The Pinnacles

If you're looking for a great photogenic spot, go to the pinnacles in Namburg National Park. Head north from Perth to see these amazing limestone formations. With lots of places to pull over and park, you can have your pick of where you want to pose with these unique rock spires.

To get that amazing shot, head over in the early morning or late afternoon. The shadows and changing colors make this a very Instagram worthy spot. Since the park is so big, you can easily have plenty of space to yourself.

5.Toastface Grillah

This famous grill is at the top of the list for places to eat in Australia. Located in what looks like a back alley, this is one of the best grill houses you'll ever see. Graffiti and barred windows give it a grungy appearance that probably turns away those who don't know about the treasure within.

Don't be put off by it either. The grilled cheese here is famous and can be made with a variety of cheeses and meats. Grilled cheese isn't the only things this popular spot in Perth is known for. Make a brunch out of it and grab some awesome coffee!

6. Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Hop on over to Tasmania for some super instagrammable photos with Australia's cutest animals. As you can see, Cydney did just that! Check out her amazing Instagram travel feed here. This sanctuary allows you to get up close and personal with sugar gliders, koalas kangaroos, and other obscure animals like quolls and bettongs.

Walk among a field of kangaroos and feed them straight from your hand! This place is dedicated to educating the public about Australia's wildlife, and have found that the best way to do that is by letting you get up close and personal with animals most people have never even heard of.

7. Swim in the Mermaid Pools in Tahmoor

If you've ever wanted to feel like a real mermaid now's your chance. These mermaid pools are kept somewhat secret, just like the fictional creatures themselves. The best way to get here is to park in the lots nearby and walk the 20 or so minutes to the pools. It's a little hilly, so bring some comfy walking shoes.

Keep in mind these pools are a bit of a challenge. The only way to get in is by jumping 15 meters, (or 49ft) into the water. And the only way to get out is on the side of the waterfall. There's a rope to help you, but this experience is for the adventurous only.

Whether your idea of a trip is lounging on warm sand and getting pampered or tasting the local treats, Australia is the place for you. Surrounded by nearly untouched islands, this country has a rich variety of experiences and environments that I guarantee women of color will love.

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