24 Hours in Cordoba Spain by Regina Gibbs

Updated: May 29, 2020

Cordoba, the capital of the province of Cordoba, is a beautiful, history filled city in southern Spain. I was only about to spend about one full day in Cordoba, but it was enough t

ime to know that I'll definitely be back. Keep reading to find out how I spent my day there! Visit the Mezquita (The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba) Visiting the Mezquita was an amazing experience. The entire time I was inside I was just in awe. I could not stop staring at the amazing architecture. They sure paid attention to detail when building this. My favorite thing about the Mezquita is the mixing of religions that is there. Christianity, Judaism and Islam can all be found here. Try to get to the Mesquita between 0800-0930. During this time is free entry. Don't think you can go at 0915 and enter for free and stay. They actually have everyone leave at 0930 and you'll have to pay to re-enter. Also, it can get very crowded during the day so the earlier you go the better!

Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos

This palace was built in 1328 by Alfonso XI. You pay a small fee to enter this fortress. To be honest there really isn't too much inside. However, the gardens and pool outside are gorgeous. I would suggest coming here right after going to the Mesquita. Hopefully you get here early in order to beat the crowds.

Palacia De Vianna

So, I admit we stumbled upon this place completely by accident. We were looking for the Patio Festival that was happening in town and thought this was it. Turns out it wasn't, but it was definitely worth the stop.

This 17th century palace has 12 different interior patios. At one point they were all individual homes but they were later turned into one structure. This garden is a definite must-see, especially if you miss the Patio Festival.

The Roman Bridge

You might recognize the Roman Bridge from Game of Thrones if you're a fan. This ancient bridge was built by the Romans across the Guadalquivir river. While this bride is somewhat unimpressive, it leads you directly to the Mezquita. I suggest getting here pretty early to beat the crowds.

Catch a Flamenco Show

This was another random, by -chance happening. We were walking along the streets tired and super hungry. We ended up going to Carta Restaurante for dinner. We really didn't think much of it. We were the only people in the restaurant at that point, but that quickly changed. It began filling up so quickly and were informed that a show was happening. We were so excited about picking such a great spot for dinner. It completely made up for the fact that the food was AWFUL. Like the worst food I've ever had in my entire EVER. But anyway, the flamenco show was amazing and so incredibly entertaining. Definitely a highlight of the day.

All in all Cordoba Spain is a perfect weekend get away. This city is so filled with so much history and beauty. I definitely look forward to coming back.