10 Black Women Whipping You Into Shape From Home

Updated: May 29, 2020

Even though we can’t be on the road less traveled right now, we are still going to get ready for the road -- while staying at home.

What we’re not going to do during quarantine is eat ourselves out of house and home. No ma’am. I won’t allow it for us, sis.

I have to tell you to put down the Oreos and pick up the dumbbell. Actually, finish the Oreos. We can start tomorrow.

Right now, I want you to check out the 10 platforms created by or for black women that promotes staying fit AND staying home.

Working out from home is widely encouraged due to the pandemic sweeping across the world. As businesses, such as gyms, remain shut down -- personal trainers are taking their services to social media and online to continue with their fitness training.

If you’re used to busting a sweat on the treadmill, seeing gains from lifting, or running a mile around the track outside, then this is definitely going to be an adjustment for you.

These 10 black women and fitness aficionados are all about helping black women stay fit. What I love most about these group of women is that their journey into fitness was usually accidental -- they took the road less traveled and are paving the way for other black personal trainers.

The list is also filled with women who teach diverse workouts to a diverse group of women. From moms to curvy ladies -- fitness does not discriminate. And as long as you’re willing to put the work in, these ladies are willing to work you out.

Jessamyn Stanley - The Underbelly App

It’s common to become discouraged with a workout because you don’t feel like it’s catered to your body. That’s why I love what Jessamyn Stanley stands for with The Underbelly.

The Underbelly is a yoga app that celebrates body positivity and encourages you to work out from home. All of the sessions, taught by Jessamyn, are recorded in a home setting. The yoga-focused app isn’t only promoting body positivity, it’s also a reminder to everyone that #BlackGirlsLikeYogaToo.

The Femotourage had Jessamyn as a guest on season's two podcasts -- and this girl here is the truth. She opened up my eyes to how one-sided the fitness industry can be, which is why I LOVE what she embodies about different bodies! (See what I did there.)

Brittany Dixon - YouTube

Have you ever tried to tone your booty with a chair? Well, you’re about to learn if you follow Certified Personal Trainer, Brittany Dixon. Brit is all about getting you to a healthier, stronger, and sexier version of you. Though she has a website filled with her products, it’s best to get her fitness tips and workout from her Youtube page.

Massy Arias - Workout Services

I’m not sure how much longer we have in lockdown, but while you’re in it -- you have to do the 45-day challenge Certified Personal Trainor, Massy Arias is having. The challenge will guide your eating habits and keep you motivated with a workout routine.

To get started, you’re asked to fill out a document so the plan can be customized to your need. There is a cost associated with the challenge, so if you’re okay with spending money -- check this challenge out. You can find a list of Massy’s other programs and services here.

Danielle “Ms.Boston” Jones - YouTube

Can’t get a workout in while the kids are home? Include them! Danielle “Ms.Boston” Jones shows you how with a cute workout video, featuring her daughter. You can sift through more videos like this by checking out Ms. Boston’s Youtube channel.

Lita Lewis - Instagram & Online Training Programs

For only 28 cents a day, you can “Follow The Lita” and get whipped into shape. Lita Lewis is a motivational speaker and life coach focused on helping women become the best version of themselves, whether they have skinny or curvy frames. You can see her full list of online training programs on her site.

Anowa Adjah - Workout DVDs

Lose the gut, keep the butt is the motto of our next fitness professional, Anowa Adjah. Anowa Adjah is credited for being the first Nationally Recognized 200-pound Curvy Fitness Professional. She’s also the creator of a successful line of Workout DVDs catered to women of all shapes and sizes.

Ladies that means not only do you not need to leave your home, but you don’t have to worry about losing your booty.

Hejira “Coach HJ” Thompson - Instagram

Sis, get on Zoom but not with your business professional gear. Hejira “Coach HJ”, Certified Personal Trainer, and Sirai Toni team together to teach workouts on the popular video call app.

Hejira offers her services to anyone serious about losing weight, and as a mother of 6, she regularly gives tips about making time to work out to busy moms.

You can catch her zoom sessions at 10 AM PST on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Or, tune in at 10:45 AM PST on those same days and catch her workout sessions on IG Live.

GrpFit - App

This one is created by the brothers, but we stan a man who cares about our health -- don’t we, sis? GrpFit is a dope fitness app I recommend you check out. They work on creating a personalized and culturally fit experience across health, fitness, and wellness through technology and content.

GrpFit offers customized workouts, on-demand classes, and a fitness community. They pride themselves on being the only health & fitness platform for People of Color.

You can try it for free and cancel anytime.

Gymnetics Fitness - Instagram

This mommy-daughter duo has been killing the workout scene for years, with their launch of Black Girls Workout Too. Since the rise of their success, they’ve focused their efforts on creating a private fitness studio, but offer training videos that you can complete at home.

You’re invited to join the workouts with their online challenge #QUARANTINE15! And, tune into Instagram Live for daily workouts starting at 8 AM EST and 6 PM EST.

D. Nicole - Instagram

D. Nicole will have you looking at your home in a whole new light. This weight-lifting beauty is showing you how to work out in your kitchen! Her IG page shows unique, creative ways to get your workout in. She uses household items like towels and bedsheets to substitute common workout equipment.


That’s it, sis. You have found 10 new ways to stay fit at home and get quarantine-fine. Follow us on Instagram and let us know which of these workouts you're most excited to try.