• Shanice G. Richardson

Anger. Frustration, tears, hopefulness, confusion, and passion don't even BEGIN to describe the emotions we've felt since the unjust killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.

And just like many of you, we've cried, protested, called and emailed government officials, while contemplating our next moves.

We are in the midst of a world-shifting revolution, and it will go down in history.

As you take part in this monumental moment, you're going to have ALL the feels. So, The Femtourage has crafted an ultimate selection of playlists to match your moods during this time.

Our top seven soundtracks are comprised of songs, speeches, and melodies from artists such as: Snoh Aalegra, Angela Davis, Sounds of Blackness, Erykah Badu, Ginuwine, and much more.

Mood: Energized

Playlist: Revolution Playlist

Created by Rachel Cargle, the Revolution Playlist has over 7 hours of persuasive speeches from notoriously impactful Black leaders. It also pays homage to the resilience and power of Black people with songs from soulful artists like Jamila Woods, Beyoncé, and Solange.

With featured titles like, "The Ballot or The Bullet," "We're Threatening the Oppressors," and "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," the beginning of the playlist is guaranteed to get you supercharged before a protest. And towards the end, deep soulful songs like "Black Girl Soldier," makes the perfect tune to reflect on the car ride back home.

Mood: Passion

Playlist: For the Lovers

A playlist curated specially for the lovers who can talk about police brutality over tonight's dinner. The whole one-hour and 18-minute playlist is a blend of lively and calming love songs that'll start with heated convos but is sure to end with passion.

Mood: Hopeful

Playlist: We Gon Get Through This

The featured title is probably the same words you tell yourself as you flip through the news. Ironically, this 4-hour and 12-minute soundtrack, curated by Briana D, is just what you need for that extra push when you feel like nothing is going to change.

Also, can we just say we stan music with a message? The playlist is described as "an electric mix of hopeful tracks to get you thru hard times, push you forward, and remind you that your life has an extreme purpose."

Mood: Pick-Me-Up

Playlist: Verzuz Erykah Badu & Jill Scott

With over 3 hours of music, Spotify gives us ALL the bangers, including "You Got Me" (BOTH versions), "Gettin In the Way," "Fool's Gold," "Next Lifetime," and dozens more.

Sometimes, you just need good music to lift your spirits. And there's no discussion that these two are some of the greatest soulful, eccentric singers out there. Turn the TV off. Grab some wine, and play this soundtrack.

Mood: WTF

Playlist: True Life: Surviving COVID 19 Vol. 1

24 Bucks kept it quite a buck (read: real) with the title of this soundtrack. If you're here fighting amidst all this corona craziness, this COVID mix makes you want to let loose.

Remixed songs from artists like Ginuwine and Roddy Rich get creatively altered. The songs in this mixtape are refreshingly new, but familiar enough for an occasional head nod.

Mood: Black & Boujie

Playlist: High Maintenance

Apple came through for us sis! High Maintenance features a mix of hip-hop and R&B songs that epitomizes being a bad bitch.

"My Type" by Saweetie, "Vibe" by Cookiee Kawaii, and "Yikes" by Nicki Minaj are just a few of the flashy, empowering songs you can find on this soundtrack.

Mood: Black Excellence


Since this playlist, curated by Joe Kay is regularly updated, we can't tell you what will be on there by the time you check it out. However, we can tell you to expect "a collection of future beats, electric soul, forgotten gems, and timeless sounds."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. The Soulection playlist consists of songs that seem best suited for deep reflections or when you have the crew over for in-depth convos.

It's been a trying few weeks, months, and year, but we know through community, connection, and even music "we gone get thru this," just like the playlist said.

Enjoy your new list of soundtracks, and be sure to let us know which ones set it off for you. Stay safe & woke!

The Femtourage had the honor of speaking with Tamika Harden, personal fitness trainer, mother, and coronavirus survivor, about her unexpected, recent battle with COVID-19. 

During our conversation, we discovered that Tamika is no stranger to putting up a fight. Here's more about the fitness trainer and health advocate, and how she fought against the deadly diagnosis. 

Who is Tamika Harden? 

Growing up in South Jamaica Queens, NY, Tamika defeated becoming a stereotype and maneuvered her way into reaching success she once only dreamed about. 

At an early age, Tamika knew she was unhealthy. She recalls being overweight most of her childhood and getting teased continuously by loved ones (who ironically were also overweight).  

Not wanting to live a life being unhappy and unhealthy, Tamika began her fitness journey at the age of 16. Faced with many setbacks, Tamika could've easily given up, but she made it a mission to join a gym and lose weight. 

At the time, Tamika needed a bank account to sign up for her local gym and searched endlessly for a bank that would issue her an account. She found one, and it allowed her to focus on her health.  

She lost an astonishing 40 pounds! And by the age of 19, the New York native was managing health clubs and helping other women reach their fitness goals.  

"My family had no clue what I was doing," says Tamika. And knowing how great of a cook her mom is, Tamika admits it was hard to shake the habit.  

She drew strength from knowing how bad those Sunday meals were. Luckily, working at the supermarket allowed Tamika to eat healthily and purchase her own meals. 

But Tamika confesses that she does indulge every now and then, enjoying meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas. "For me, the desire isn't there as much because I know what it tastes like already," says Tamika. 

She reveals that naturally, the longer you are on your fitness journey, the more willpower you have. And that's what makes it easy to say no to temptation in the form of food.  

Throughout her 16-year fitness journey, Tamika has been able to completely transform the way she looks and eats. She's now a pescatarian and incorporates vegan dishes into her meal plans. 

Flu or COVID-19? 

Despite being in the best health of her life, Tamika was one of the thousands of people affected by coronavirus. However, she wasn't immediately made aware.  

Initially, Tamika believed she had the flu. And when she placed a phone call to get tested, she didn't receive a call back until 3-weeks later. Her symptoms got worse, so she went to the nearest testing site but was denied for not scheduling an appointment. 

Tamika learned that a trauma unit was going to be set up around her neighborhood the following day. It was her best bet of walking-in and getting a test. 

Within five days, she got the news and tested positive.  

"It felt like I had got hit by a truck," Tamika explains. "All I could do was sleep; I could barely drink the tea my family was giving me." 

She describes it as being a wake-up call.  

"I have to get people healthy!" 

Tamika says she no longer doubted her purpose; she knew that without a doubt, getting people fit was her God-given mission.

She was knocked down for about two weeks from COVID-19, but was able to shake it. 

And she credits her lifestyle as being the reason she was able to survive the virus. In fact, the first thing she did once she got healthy was exercise!  

Before contacting the coronavirus, Tamika was training over 200 women per month. Instead of letting the virus keep her or her business down, Tamika tells how she ran a virtual aerobics class just 4 days after feeling better. 

Her clients had no clue that she was just getting over the deadly disease! 

Surviving COVID-19 

Tamika is now more open to telling her story because she sees it as a way to motivate others to get into shape. 

As a successful fitness trainer, Tamika Harden has built a career around being mentally and physically strong. But when faced with a deadly virus – nobody is immune to feelings of fear and anxiety. 

When asked if things would have been different had she learned about her condition earlier, Tamika says she thinks her attitude would have changed. Initially concerned, once her diagnosis was confirmed as positive, Tamika was mentally strong and had a sense of gratitude.  

With daily news surrounding the tragic effects of coronavirus, Tamika knew how deadly the virus was and thinks it would've caused her more panic had she been aware she was battling it from the beginning. 

"The moment I felt better, I just felt like it was my responsibility to just get back to what I was doing and help people," exclaims Tamika. 

Fighting back the tears, Tamika says she is 100% sure that her calling is to help her community and to give people the resources needed to live a healthier life. 

Want to get healthy? Start NOW 

The time to get serious about your health is yesterday, but seeing as how we can't turn back time – Tamika urges you to start now.  

"Working out has a way of stimulating you mentally, "says Tamika, as she invites you to attend her virtual workout class. But it's not only for weight loss but also for mental strength – both are linked to one another. Tamika reminds us that because of where she was physically and mentally, it made her more successful at beating COVID-19. 

"Surviving COVID-19 did something to me mentally and emotionally. It said to me, 'your life was spared because you have a greater purpose.'" 

Her advice to the women and men looking to make a change: write down every negative word on a piece of paper. "I'm overweight, I'm not good enough" -- throw it away. She says our baggage and insecurities tend to hold us back. 

Identify what's holding you back and then explore options that can help you, like fitness. 

Fitness allowed her a way out of the crippling cycle of self-esteem issues and negative thoughts – and she knows it can work for you too. 

You may be tempted to give up, but don't. Just reset, and try to have fun, Tamika advises. "As long as you don't quit and you don't stop, you're never going to go back to where you started from." 

"COVID-19 has made me fearless," Tamika proudly states. And she's now more committed to helping others reach their fitness goals! 

Her goal for the rest of 2020 is to keep people encouraged and to reach people all over the world by teaching aerobics.  

You can find her on Instagram and Facebook at BodyByTamika and BodyByTamika.com.

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